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Minimal Component High Voltage Current Limited SC Dimmable LED Driver


United States Patent Application Number- US20160174318A1

Katz, Mignano, Tetik, Visconti - December 11, 2014  

Abstract: This invention is suitable for directly driving from an alternating current (AC) line voltage source an array of LED lamps with a minimal amount of ancillary circuitry. Most of the required circuitry is situated within an integrated circuit, which includes a full wave rectifier, transient protection, a current control transistor, a feedback control loop, and overheating protection. The integrated circuit powers a transistor circuit structured as a constant current source to energize individual groupings of LEDs, as well as larger configurations of LEDs. The invention is useful for various lighting arrangements such as luminaires, bollards, strip lights, task lights, lighting tubes, and other types of applications that use a multitude of LEDs powered directly by AC line voltage without the requirement of a direct current power supply. This invention may further be used with an external phase switching dimmer apparatus.



Katz, Fred (Hauppauge, NY), Benedetto Mignano (Wantagh, NY), Peter Visconti (East Setauket, NY), Attila Tetik (New York, NY)                                


LSI Computer Systems, Inc.
December 11, 2014
Patent Granted (July, 2016)

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