Long Island and New York

HONEYWELL, Security & Custom Electronics
Previously Ademco Corporation

Syosset, NY      1997-2006                                                                                                              Senior Project Engineer

Designed consumer product circuitry for mass production. Developed high-tech, wireless, low-powered sensing devices used for home and industrial security and for home automation applications. Invented new and original product ideas and developed Intellectual Property for Honeywell, including multiple patent applications (one patent granted and the others currently pending). Experienced in the printed circuit board layout of high frequency radio transmitters. Developed a simulator program for infrared optics in Visual Basic. Expert in the design of low-power, high-gain sensor circuitry. Developed a series of three Pet Immune Passive Infrared Motion Sensors. Originated a series of algorithms for the finest Dual-Technology (microwave and infrared) Motion Sensor ever sold, which guaranteed immunity to pets up to 100 pounds. This technology was granted a United States patent. Specified many custom ASICs and worked with the design/foundry from development through full product completion. These were used for economical production of large-scale commercial products in that they reduced the component count of the products. Proficient in highly accurate and precise temperature sensing instrumentation, and developed a wireless heat detector. Invented, designed and developed a wireless frost, heat, freezer, refrigerator and flood sensor, conceiving the initial concept and selling it to the Marketing Department. This item replaced a single function device at a savings of 40% of the previous manufacturing cost. It is explained in detail on the internet at the following URL:http://www.security.honeywell.com/hsce/products/wireless/ac/39436.html

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