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Single Technology Micro-Motion Occupancy Sensor System

United States Patent    Fred Katz   US 9,310,253 B2        April 12, 2016
 A micro-motion occupancy sensor system monitors for a presence of a person in a room, in different monitoring modes, to regulate power delivery to the room.  The micro-motion occupancy sensor has a multimode lens for receiving passive infrared (IR) energy and focusing the IR energy as a series of IR beams, a pyroelectric detector to receive the focused IR beams and generate an electrical signal, a processing circuit to amplify, filter and processes the electrical signal to generate an interrupt signal and an analog output signal and a controller that receives and processes the interrupt signal and the analog output signal to determine whether a person has entered a room or is maintaining their presence within the room.  The controller controls the processing in a vacant mode where a personís presence is not detected and in an occupied mode when a personís presence has been detected.

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Katz; Fred; (Hauppauge, NY)
Fred Katz Consulting, Inc.
US 9,310,253 B2
January 15, 2015
Patent Granted January 14, 2016

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