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Multi-Functional Lighting Fixture

United States Patent    Fred Katz     Patent Number: US 10,1060,098 B2

Abstract: Airborne organisms can spread disease. In many indoor environments, attempts have been made to filter air passing through a ventilation system. However, in many instances improper maintenance of these filters can lead to additional problems.

Embodiments of the present invention provide a configurable light, suitable for institutional usage. The light can be configured to accomplish a wide variety of lighting tasks and can be utilized to minimize the presence of pathogens in the environment where the light is located.
A lighting fixture includes a first compartment including a light sealed air plenum and a first lighting source arranged in the plenum to irradiate air passing through the plenum to destroy pathogens. A second compartment is configured to be external to the first compartment. A second lighting source is arranged in the second compartment to illuminate an area adjacent to the second compartment.
In another embodiment, the first compartment includes ultraviolet light emitting diodes. The first compartment can include light containing baffles. The air is preferably forced through the first compartment using a fan, blower or other air moving device. The first compartment may include one or more screens and/or filters. The first compartment can also include a negative ion generator. The second lighting source can include a configurable array of lights that provides color for one or more of setting a mood, providing therapy and promoting healing as well as providing room illumination. A backup battery and a backup light can be provided for use in power outages. A radio frequency identification chip can be mounted on the fixture to permit remote identification of the fixture. The fixture can be configured to fit into a standard light bay. The fixture can be controlled remotely either through wiring, an infrared data link or through a wireless link.
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Richard Nicolai, Frank Zarcone, Michael Boyd, Fred Katz
Apogee Lighting Holdings, LLC
Feb 25, 2021
Patent Granted March 30, 2021

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