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Multi-Mode Passive Infrared Occupancy Sensor System for Energy Saving Application

United States Patent    Fred Katz   US9739498B2      August 22, 2017 

Abstract:  A passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor system includes a non-contact thermopile detector for capturing infrared energy from a focused upon area in a room or zone  deemed most likely to be occupied and generating a thermopile temperature signal therefrom, a pyroelectric detector for viewing through multiple passive lens elements (lenslets) that form PIR beams from a large portion of the room or zone and generating a pyroelectric signal therefrom, an ambient temperature sensor for sensing an ambient temperature in the room or zone and generating an ambient temperature signal detection threshold that is utilized in PIR detection therefrom and a microcomputer configured to process the thermopile temperature signal, the pyroelectric signal and the ambient temperature signal and determine whether the room or zone is occupied or unoccupied.  An electrical current supply or occupied signal is transmitted to the room or zone is maintained when the microcomputer determines that the room or zone is still occupied and is interrupted when the microcomputer determines that the room or zone is unoccupied.

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Katz; Fred; (Hauppauge, NY)
Fred Katz Consulting, Inc.
US 2016/0003493  A1
January 7, 2016
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