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Multi-Mode Passive Infrared Occupancy Sensor System for Energy Saving Application

United States Patent     Fred Katz       US9739498B2        Granted: August 22, 2017

Abstract:  This invention's main function is to detect a motionless person’s presence in a room in order to maintain lighting and air-conditioning and other functions in that room. The invention operates through the inputs from two types of sensors. The pyroelectric sensor detects if a moving person has entered the room or is moving in the room. When a person is sensed, a microcomputer (MCU) in the room goes from a ‘Vacant’ mode to an ‘Occupied’ mode. The second sensor, a thermopile detector (which measures the surface temperature of a point) is focused to a point where the occupant will be seated and uses a thin passive beam to detect the temperature of the first place that this beam impinges. This can either be the seated person or the empty seat. The surface temperature of the empty seat will be almost the same as the room temperature, while an occupied seat will be the surface temperature of the person, which may be almost 20 degrees (F) higher. When in the Occupied mode, if no additional motion is noted or the presence of the person in the seat is not detected, after a suitable timeout, the state of the MCU will go from Occupied back to the Vacant mode. While in the Occupied mode, the MCU will enable lighting, other functions and/or air conditioning for the room and extinguish those functions when in the Vacant mode.

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Katz; Fred; (Hauppauge, NY)
Fred Katz Consulting, Inc.
US 2016/0003493  A1
January 7, 2016

August 22, 2017


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