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One button multifunction key fob for controlling a security system

United States Patent Application   20070229301                    October 4, 2007

A security device which is a hand held portable remote device such as a key fob that allows a user to interact with a security system using a single button. The security system functions such as arming, disarming, panic, garage door open, lamp on/off, and lamp dimming control will be displayed by the security device as control options and will be selected by a user using a forward, backward, left or right tilting motion and depressing the power on/select button. Once a control option has been selected, the security device will transmit the control option to the security system. The security device has a portable housing, a wireless communication port for interface with a security system, a display panel, an accelerometer device, and processing circuitry. The accelerometer device is used to determine the tilt of the security device and provide a control signal related to the tilt. The security device also has an infrared communication port for downloading control options, and single push button, for turning the security device on and for initiating the transmission of the output signal.

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Katz; Fred; (Hauppauge, NY)
Honeywell International Inc.
March 29, 2006
340/825.72; 340/541
340/825.72; 340/541
G08B 13/00 20060101 G08B013/00

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