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Product Design, Military and Space

Tested individual subsystems and circuit boards for the Program Reader Interface, a product used as a backup controller for the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM). Normally, this system was used as a backup equipment on modules launched prior to manned flight. On one flight, when the main computer failed this system brought back the LEM module.

Have 35 years of design of space and military hardware in all stages from initial proposal to final acceptance testing. Have used military specifications for interface design, component selection, QA aspects (MTBF). Designed sub-systems, module and final test equipment

Tested PC boards and subsystems for the F14. Worked on EA-6B's navigation computer, S-3A sonobouy release system, LAMPS Mark III helicopter navigation and communications systems, Attack and Fleet Ballistic Missile submarines sonar systems, Worked on the AN/WLR-9 and AN/WLR-12 Passive Sonar System.



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