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Touchscreen device for controlling a security system

United States Patent Application   Fred Katz   20070103433         May 10, 2007|

The present invention is a hand held portable remote such as a key fob that allows a user to interact with the security system using a flat panel touch-pad. The touch-pad input allows a user to rapidly select and control a large number of security functions, such as Arm, Disarm, Panic, garage door open, lamp on/off, and lamp dimming control, etc. The security device comprises a housing, a wireless communication port for interface with the security system, a touch-pad input device, and processing circuitry. In order to operate the security device, the user generates a user input by creating a contact motion on the touch-pad input device with a fingertip. The contact motion may consist of a swiping motion, a tapping, or a circular motion. In order to distinguish the contact motion clearly, when the fingertip contact comprises a wider than normal contact, it causes the processing circuitry to not generate an output signal. The security device also comprises an LCD display for displaying alpha numeric control options to a user and LED indicators for indicating the modes of the processing circuitry.

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Katz; Fred; (Hauppauge, NY)
November 9, 2005
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